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VC and WiiWare Sales
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Total Sales
Total Sales 0 0
Nintendo channel listed data accounts for approximately 0% of known VC/WiiWare sales.

Data Notes

  1. "Sales" are reported by the Nintendo Channel in each region.
  2. Multipliers are intended to project what proportion of all sales are accounted by those sales reported by the Nintendo Channel
  3. Feel free to use this data as you see fit or link here although please do not assert authorship. This isn't anyone's data but Nintendo's. Thanks!
  4. To contribute information please email vcwiiwaresales@gmail.com.
  5. Developers: if you have raw actual data on sales of your products, we would very much appreciate it to help calibrate our extrapolation models. Any contributions to that email address will be kept anonymous and the raw data will not be published under any circumstances, although as a disclaimer any data contributed is assumed to be legal and not subject to any intellectual property restrictions preventing us from using it to help calibrate our extrapolation models.

Appendix 1. Aggregate Data Notes